Kiste (1st edition of 20 kits)
is a wax carving toolkit introducing to the craft of Lost Wax Casting, to create your own fine metal jewellery.

The kit includes the tools and instructions to craft your design in wax and calculate the casting price. Costs for casting start at around 50€ but depend on the weight and complexity of your design and desired fine metal.

Included are:
- Instructions (with videos on working with the wax and the casting process)
- Casting Cupon (To simplify communication with the foundry)
- Blue Hard Jewellers Wax (15g)
- Red Soft Jewellers Wax (15g)
- Aluminium Wire (10cm)
- Scissors
- Tweezers
- Incense Matches by HIBI
- Candle
- Needle
- Scalpel
- Sanding Paper
- Digital Scale

Cast and Polish
You can send your final wax piece(s) by post or drop it/them off in person. The foundry will then cast your piece in the desired fine metal. Usually foundrys don’t include finishings. Jewellers take the casting spru off and polishing the piece themselves. To simplify this step, Kiste is collaborating with an Amsterdam-based foundry. With the included cupon, communcation will be simplifyed and you can have your piece(s) finished off to your wishes. As another extra, this collaboration offers soldering an earpin on your piece, to create earrings out of your sculptures. It will take around two weeks to get your finished piece(s) back. // 00491777895532